BeatBox is your cardiac portal — anywhere, anytime. BeatBox is a cloud based cardiac reporting platform that enhances your existing systems to create a single access portal available from virtually anywhere. BeatBox is vendor agnostic, with the unique 'one stop shop' design enabling practitioners, nurses technicians and caregivers the ability to access and report cardiac tests.

Advancement of technology and the continued desire to provide clients a market leading experience, CardioScan, using our 30+ years of experience in delivering for customers, has developed a cloud based software solution allowing users to access and report on tests from anywhere in the world.


BeatBox is CardioScan’s own revolutionary cloud based cardiac workflow and repository software for ECGs, Holters and Ambulatory Blood Pressures.

Designed and built by CardioScan, BeatBox adapts to your everyday clinical needs enabling a one stop shop for all your cardiac reporting and allowing multilayer access to both staff and customers. BeatBox is a fully cloud-based system, providing a myriad of options for use, including acting as your long term archive for all your reports.

This software: 

  • allows practitioners and care givers to report on ECGs, Holters and AMBPs

  • is vendor agnostic

  • has turn-key integration with cardiac software and patient management systems

  • is encrypted and has automated long term archive functionality

  • is proven to reduce cardiologists reporting and turnaround time

  • allows live import of cardiac reports

  • has scheduled billing reports and integration capabilities

  • allows data mining and analysis capabilities

The software is designed to be implemented globally and we currently have customers using the software in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.

CardioScan’s own customers already use this software and analysis has shown that it increases efficiency of access by 50% and reduces reporting times by 75% after implementation.